There are various ways that a business can gain recognition for their work, and Ultamation is proud to have received some of that recognition through the most prestigious awards in the industry.  We have won plaudits across all facets of project delivery process, from design and documentation, to the user interface, to innovative and unusual solutions, to the best-of-the-best in the world.  We’ll never rest on our laurels and Ultamation continue to push the limits of the highest-end in home automation as shown by the awards listed below – perhaps your project will be next?

* Winners of "Best GUI GLOBAL" at the 2019 Crestron Integration Awards

>For Lamina Theme which is used in our residential projects.  The judges “commended [the UI] for it’s ability to make technical processes simple for the end user”

* Winners of "Best GUI" at the 2019 Crestron Integration Awards

Also for Lamina Smart Graphics Theme, the judges felt it had “evolved to match trends in design, technology advances, and client expectations to achieve its best-in-class status”.

* Winners of "Best Integrated Home GLOBAL" at the 2018 CEDIA Awards

Edge Cottage, the judges described it as “as awe-inspiring project and didn’t have a bad word to say about it”

In partnership with Intuitive Homes.  Architect: Llama Group, Interiors: Janey Butler Interiors, Photograph credit: Llama Group and Janey Butler Interiors.

* Winners of "Best Integrated Home Level II" at the 2018 CEDIA Awards

Edge Cottage, the judges said it was “an all-round well-done job with some nice extra home automation features, one that stood out in particular was the follow me feature”

In partnership with Intuitive Homes.  Architect: Llama Group, Interiors: Janey Butler Interiors, Photograph credit: Llama Group and Janey Butler Interiors.

* Winners of "Most Unique Application (Residential)" at the 2018 Crestron Integration Awards

An augmented touch screen experience which “Tak[es] Crestron to another level”

* Winners of "Best Custom Solution" at the 2016 CEDIA Awards"

The Mancave, “whilst the space is impressive, the automation is where the wow factor really comes into play”

In partnership with Intuitive Homes.  Interiors: Uber by Design

* Winners of "Best Showroom" at the 2016 CEDIA Awards

Showroom at Capesthorn Hall described as “a beautifully presented showroom that allows customers to walk in and say ‘I want this’.”

In partnership with Intuitive Homes.  Architect: Llama Group, Interiors: Janey Butler Interiors, Photograph credit: Llama Group and Janey Butler Interiors.

* Winners of "Most Innovative Solution" at the 2016 Crestron Integration Awards

The Mancave  “Being a winner out of 112 entries does say something about the quality and scope of the project, so well done!”  

* Winners of "Most Innovative Installation" at the 2015 ITSA Awards

The Mancave, “Featuring a custom Crestron interface, designed to reflect Tony Stark’s tech, the owner can now rotate his car at will, whilst detection setting allow the music to strike up and the car to revolve automatically whenever someone steps into the room – and if you don’t think that’s cool, then you should check your pulse.”

* Winners of "Most Creative GUI" at the 2013 Crestron Integration Awards

“Not only have Ultamation created an intuitive, fluid, user interface, they have also sprinkled some Ultamation magic into the user experience too … firmly setting an Ultamation system apart from anything else available in the market

* Programmers/UI design of 3 winning entries for the 2011 & 2012 Crestron Integration Awards

We were commissioned by the winning integration companies (unfortunately many of the best projects are covered under non-disclosure which prevents us from being able to shout about them), but are very proud to have been partially responsible for the wins on two prestigious and high-profile projects.

Winners of "Most Creative Interface" at the 2010 Crestron Integration Awards

“In the most hotly contested of the nine categories, Ultamation's entry beat off the competition on the grounds of technical excellence married with intuitive and "funky" design.”



These awards reinforce our position in the Custom Installation industry, and to provide further weight Ultamation was established from roots in formal Computer Science, which means that we do the usual things really well and excel in the clever things.

We have created a unique framework which our systems are built around, which means that you have access to some great features, all part of our standard package, and have been user tested and are 'feature rich'; meaning you get an enhanced experience.  Of course, we can then customise from there, giving you the best of both worlds in reliability and bespoke design.

To give just a few examples:

  • Each room has a configurable sleep function. Start watching TV and set the sleep timer.  One minute before it expires, the lights and volume will very slowly ramp down and then switch the room off at the last second to avoid waking you up.
  • Never settle for the tinny sound of modern TVs. Use our 'Alternative Audio' option (where the system supports it) to switch the audio to HiFi amplification for the optimal media experience.
  • Based on user interface and user, different room lists can be presented to whoever is using the interface.

We love the challenge of programming and controlling equipment that others shy away from.  It also means that we lead the pack; we are constantly developing software to improve our products, be more intuitive to use and keep up with the current technology trends in usability and design.  Our award winning portfolio, and our team being headed by a Crestron Gold Master Programmer, demonstrates that we can deliver the perfect synthesis of lifestyle, design and technology for your family and home.

Not all systems are designed and built equally so make sure that you get the best by using Ultamation.



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